Business Acceleration

The Hub is an amplifier platform, where we aim to boost your existing business growth. We aim to help you and your existing business bringing major positive conversions by applying accelerator catalysts.

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Technical Training

The Hub delivers training sessions for the SMEs pursuing the customized training curriculum. We are offering personalized training sessions for each SME.
We are proposing a three-months training schedule to cover the complete training, out of which the first month will be pursued customized curriculum in the classroom and the remaining two months will be allocated for personalized training based on the needs of each SME.

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The Hub will organize an assessment session, where the SME will be asked to fill an assessment form. The Hub will assign two senior consultants to coach the SME key staff and the owner, to review and revise their entire business operation physically during exposure visits regarding designed customized coaching plan based on assessment result. The consultants will work and guide the responsible personnel of SMEs to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their day to day operation and long term strategic business plans.

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Access to Market

We will organize Network Events, where we will invite all the potential investors and financial institutions.
We understand that external connection for the business acceleration is important for SMEs to grow and expand their businesses, find partners and connection to the international market. Hereby, we are proposing the below connections to assist SMEs:

• Connection between SMEs and other sources of supply
• Connections to technology suppliers
• Business Fairs and exhibitions
• Network of SMEs

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Access to Capital

Considering the best practices, we have come up with a blend of models that could assist SMEs to grow sustainable. To shift the paradigm from grant-preneurship (startups focused on donor assistance) to entrepreneurship, we want to pursue an investor equity model. In this model, we will connect SMEs to large scale investors and financial institutions, so that they invest in their firms. With the diminishing marginal return in donors’ grant, investors investing in SMEs will not only provide financial support to them, but also the large firms will transfer skills and technology to help them sustain their growth.

If you want to accelerate your existing business growth and be the leading SME of the market, join The Hub’s acceleration program.  

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