Business Incubation

We encourage talented Afghan entrepreneurs in a period of six-month to validate their business ideas and start their startups.

Incubation Model

We help you with a complete model of incubation support program! We are looking for feasible ideas, which have the potential of turning into commercially viable businesses. We will enhance your entrepreneurship skills and will polish your idea to become a successful and sustainable business. We don’t only provide technical support; but we help you with securing your initial investment. Start brainstorming with a business idea, if you do not have one, Let Us Help You!

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Technical Training

We have designed and now implementing customized curriculum, training materials and incubation toolkit based on the Afghan context to help you get world-class entrepreneurship training with entrepreneurship approaches, which are feasible in Afghanistan or similar fragile states. The technical training helps you how to design, develop and implement commercially available business ideas.

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Motivational Speakers

We bring  you the most successful entrepreneurs as motivational speakers through our entrepreneurship networks from inside the country and abroad to share their entrepreneurship journey, how they started and where are they now? You can learn, ask questions, network and collaborate with them to turn your idea into a business.

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Advisory & Mentorship

Our expert mentors and advisors are available to help you on your startup planning, development and long-term strategies.

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Learning Journey

We take you to the most successful startups and corporate business to learn how do they operate their businesses and what are their approaches for having a sustainable business?

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Co-working Space

We offer you coworking facilities that you can brainstorm, design and implement your business ideas with very responsible operational costs. You take care of your business and we will take care of your operational needs.

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Initial investment or capital shouldn’t be a barrier for your business idea. We help you to secure your initial investment through our in-house approaches and resource right after successfully completing the incubation program.

Post-Incubation Support

After successfully completing the incubation program, we do not leave you in the middle of nowhere, we will stand beside you in every stage of your startup.

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We provide equipped co-office facilities in different business locations to reduce your running costs.

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Business Advisory

Our team of consultants will advise you as business consultants after completing the incubation program with business registration, taxation, payroll and other technical supports, case by case.

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Network and Promotion

We will help your startup through increasing your network in business community, not only in Afghanistan; but around the world. We also offer promotional and business development opportunities to grow your business.

Do you have a feasible business idea? Are you committed to start your startup? Do you need technical and financial assistance to kick-off your business? If yes,  join our 6-month business incubation program!


Farid Ahmad “Sofizada”
Founder of: Alef Toys.

Incubation program changed my mindset and helped me with better ways to start a business in Afghanistan. This kind of programs are highly needed in our society.

Thank you.

Mohammad Samim “Kashefi ”
Founder of: Black Cipher.

Special thanks to The Hub, where they helped me to find my position, way through the market, expanding my knowledge of business and related studies.

Zekria “Zaki”
Founder of: Hamrah Social Enterprises

My experience with The Hub was exceptional, though I have had my idea merely as a concept but in the process of training it reformed into an organized, doable and feasible business strategies that altogether provide a well- thought solution to the existing problems of disadvantaged and poor left-out school students.

Najeeb Nasiri
Founder of: MRNeXPRESS.

Near to 6 months incubation program was very helpful to me to make a system for my newly started business and run it well.

Sayed Aqil “Basir”
Founder of: Basirat Educational Institute

I am thankful of The Hub, because of it’s helpful programs for supporting new startups.

Habibullah “Ibrahimkhail”
Founder of: KMECC

The incubation program of The Hub was a learning journey, especially for me that I did not know the word of entrepreneur and it was useful for us and promoted our communication skills, leadership skills, self management skills, self confidence skills and so on. We are thankful from The Hub team for supporting young generation in Afghanistan.

Zahra Sarwary
Founder of: Royesh Private School

I found a team full of positive energy in The Hub. I never thought there would be that much joy and fun in the same time that much hard work and dedication to achieve goals of every individual during six months in The Hub. That’s why I never decided to stop participating this program despite all the responsibilities I had in my personal and professional life. I would like to thank very warmly The Hub team for their hard work and their commitment with us during six-months of incubation and also would like to congratulate them their fabulous success of leading such a great program. Wish you all best of luck and prosperity for the rest of your way.


Incubated Entrepreneurs
Graduated Startups
Registered Startups
Funded Startups


Our team successfully incubated the below startups in Afghanistan. These startups received training, mentorship and coaching. They also secured their initial investment and registered their startups with Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR).

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